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Important Plumbing Tips Homeowners Should Know

Plumbers St Louis CountyBefore you call the plumber, there is vital information you should know. Here is some of the info you should have ready for your plumber:

  • Know How to Shut Off Water – Whether you are dealing with a small leak or flooding in your home, you should be able to turn the water off in your home. Take a look around your house and find this shut off valve as soon as possible. Furthermore, you should make sure that this valve is properly maintained.
  • Learn about Your Pipes – You can help a plumber by letting them know information about your pipes. If you have old clay or galvanized pipes, it is likely that you are going to have some problems. These pipes tend to corrode and rot. You can ask about this before purchasing a property or by asking a plumber to come out and inspect your pipes.
  • City Sewers and Septic Systems – It is essential that you know if you have a septic system or are on the city sewer. Plumbers will approach pipe repairs differently if you are on the city sewer, as there are numerous pipes that must be joined to the main sewer line.

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