Three Reasons to Replace Your Toilet

Sewer and Drain Cleaning in High Ridge, MOAre you having problems with your toilet? We have put together a list of reasons why you should invest in a new one:

  • Cracks in the Tank or Bowl – When your toilet starts to develop a crack in either the tank or the bowl, it is most likely time to replace it. Letting this issue linger means you will have to deal with unpleasant smells, water leaks, and a hefty water bill due. You can consult a plumber if you are not sure about making the replacement.
  • Your Toilet is Old – There have been many developments over the past few decades to make toilets work better. Having an older toilet means having a toilet that uses too much water and is often harder to clean. By replacing it, you will see a smaller utility bill every month.
  • Wobbly Toilet – A wobbly toilet should be a cause for concern. If a loose bolt is the source of the problem, this can be fixed by yourself or by a plumber. On the other hand, if your toilet rocks back and forth from years of use or corrosion, it is time to replace your toilet.

Whether you are having toilet problems or are seeking sewer and drain cleaning in High Ridge, MO, you can rest assured the team at AA Quick Plumbing & Sewer Service will assist you.

Toilet Clogs – Common Issues

Plumbers in Arnold, MOToilet clogs may seem embarrassing, but they are just a part of life. Here are three common reasons why your toilet may be clogged:

  • Someone Flushed the Wrong Thing – There are only two things you should be flushing down your toilet – waste and toilet paper. If you start flushing floss, cotton balls, feminine products, and adult personal wipes, you will eventually have to deal with a clog in your toilet. Talk to everyone in your family and make sure they know what is flushable.
  • Low-Flow Toilets – There are a vast array of low-flow toilets available and some work better than others. If you have an older low-flow toilet, you are at risk for developing clogs. When you find yourself having to flush multiple times before you clear the bowl, consider upgrading to a newer toilet.
  • Flapper Problems – The flapper on your toilet is there to ensure that you can flush the toilet. When the flapper does not open correctly, it causes a weak flush. When this happens, you will not have enough water to move everything along. You can have a plumber come to your home to take care of this issue.

Keep the pipes clean and flowing correctly with help from a plumber in Arnold, MO. The team at AA Quick Plumbing & Sewer Service is ready to assist you with a variety of plumbing problems.

Simple Ways to Prevent Hair Clogs

Drain Cleaning in Fenton, MOAre you frequently dealing with clogs in your shower that is created by hair in the pipe? Here is some excellent advice for you:

  • Invest in a Hair Catcher – There are many different hair catchers out on the market, including baskets, plugs, and dome screens. With these catchers, you should be able to prevent the hair from getting in your drain. Make sure you remember to clean them out regularly to avoid additional issues.
  • Brush Your Hair – Before you get into the shower, you should brush your hair. When you do this, you get rid of excess hair, preventing the loose strands from going down your drain. Everyone knows that it is much easier to sweep hair off the ground then clean it out of a pipe.
  • Do a Weekly Cleaning – If you have not invested in a hair catcher, you can clean your drain filter regularly to take care of the excess hair. With just a piece of wire that has a bent end, you will have no problem reaching down into the drain and getting the excess hair before it becomes a problem.

When it comes to drain cleaning in Fenton, MO, and the surrounding areas, you can trust the team at AA Quick Plumbing & Sewer Service to assist you. Our plumbers are ready and willing to come to your location and take care of your drainage problems.

Slow Toilets – A Sign of Septic System Issues

Septic System in Fenton, MOHave you noticed that your toilet is running slowly? If your commode is not flushing the way it always has, it could be a sign that there are problems with your septic system.

Most of the time, a toilet will start to flush slowly when there are water flow problems or basic clogs. Before you do anything, it is essential to ensure that these issues are not the cause of your problem. When your septic pipes begin to have clogging issues or you are dealing with tank problems, your toilet will start to run slowly. When you notice this issue occurring, you need to figure out when you last had your septic system pumped. During this time, a specialist should be able to tell you if your tank has been overflowing or there is a problem with a drain field.

The team at AA Quick Plumbing & Sewer Service is available to assist you with your septic system in Fenton, MO, as well as the surrounding areas. We can help you with new installations and cleaning, as well as provide you with inspection services. Call us at (636) 296-1211 to speak with a specialist about your problems today. We are happy to assist you.

How Does a Garbage Disposal Work?

Plumbers in Arnold, MOA garbage disposal is a critical part of today’s modern kitchen. Without it, we would have to worry about a variety of food bits getting into your drains, causing clogs and damaging your pipes. Many people think that a disposal works like a blender, with blades that chop up and break down waste, but that is not true.

Most garbage disposals work with a grinder plate that grinds down the food into small particles that are able to flow through your drain pipe. When the water is running, it helps let the particles flow through the system into your septic tank or to the sewer. A splash guard is usually installed to prevent water and food particles from flying all over the place while the disposal is running.

If you have problems with a clogged drain, a leaky disposal, or a jammed plate, you can contact the team at AA Quick Plumbing & Sewer Service for affordable disposal repair services. Our dedicated plumbers in Arnold, MO, are available to assist you with your plumbing system. We are known for providing fast and affordable repair services that are sure to get your garbage disposal in working order as soon as possible.

Water Conservation and Your Septic System

Septic System in Fenton, MODid you know that using too much water can cause damage to your septic tank? This is a fact that many people do not know. Through water conservation, you can help extend the life of your tank and ensure that it will last for many years. Consider the following tips before you start using water:

  • Fix Leaks Right Away – A leak in your sink or a toilet that runs a little too long seems like a problem, but these leaks can add an up to ten gallons of water to your system each day you do not fix the issues. It is vital that you find a specialist to help you with these problems as soon as possible.
  • Use Low-Flow Fixtures in Your Home – There are many low-flow fixture options out there for you, including toilets and showers. With these selections, you will not be using as much water. In addition to helping you keep your septic system working, these fixtures will save you money on your water bill.
  • Cut Your Shower Time in Half – Having a long, hot, and comforting shower first thing in the morning is excellent, but taking long showers can be taxing on your septic system. When you start taking five- to ten-minute showers, you can reduce your water consumption in no time.

The dedicated team at AA Quick Plumbing & Sewer Service is available to help you with your septic system in Fenton, MO, and the surrounding communities. Count on us for cleaning, inspection, and installation services.

Taking Care of Your Blocked Drains

Plumbers in Arnold, MOIs your sink or toilet not draining like it used to? Drainage problems are a fairly standard problem, but the blockage can shut down your kitchen or bathroom. Instead of waiting for the drain to clear or using inefficient drain cleaners, a professional from AA Quick Plumbing & Sewer Service can take care of the problem for you.

Blocked drains and toilets is a real problem for everyone in your home. When people are flushing things like diapers, cotton swabs, paper towels, and sanitary napkins, they will cause a clog. You can use a plunger for these issues, but you will eventually need to have a professional come out to your location and take care of the problem. Our specialists have years of experience clearing clogs, working on kitchen and bathroom issues. We have access to the most modern plumbing technology to take care of your problem.

Call us today at (636) 296-1211 for more information about our services. Whether you need help with simple plumbing issues or are looking for septic system services, our experienced plumbers in Arnold, MO, are available to take care of your problem.  Since 1969, people have come to our business for plumbing services – meet with us and see why people still count on us nearly 50 years later.

Handling a Plumbing Emergency

Sewer Plumbing Jefferson CountyDo you know what to do in a plumbing emergency? Here a few tips to help you:

  • Toilet Overflowing – When your toilet is overflowing and the water just will not stop, it is no time to panic. Before you call the plumber, take a moment to turn off the water valve that is connected to the toilet. This valve is usually located on the wall behind the toilet.
  • Drain Blockages – Blocked drains can happen quickly, so it is essential to have a drain or toilet plunger on hand to help you break up any clogs you may have. More skilled homeowners will purchase their own drain snake or auger on hand. If the problem repeats, you should probably call a specialist.
  • Pipe Leaks – When a pipe starts leaking, you will most likely need to call the plumber as soon as possible. In the meantime, you should turn off the main water valve or the water that is feeding the pipe in question. Once the water is off, turn on the cold water to drain any trapped water.

When you need plumbing assistance, you can trust the team at AA Quick Plumbing & Sewer Service to help you. Our dedicated team provides a huge array of services, including sewer plumbing in Jefferson County.

Signs of Septic System Problems

Septic Tanks in Jefferson CountyDo you know what to look for when it comes to septic system failure? We have put together a list of important signs you should know about:

  • Toilet Flushing Slowly – When your toilet is flushing slower than average, you may be having a problem with your septic system. You should check all of the toilets in your home to make sure that it is not a problem with that specific toilet before you call a specialist for assistance.
  • Bad Smells – Do you have foul smells coming out of your drains? If the answer is yes, then you should make an appointment to speak with a member of our team. These smells are usually associated with black sludge, which is another sign of sewage backup and septic system malfunctions.
  • Green Grass in the Drain Field – Green grass may seem like good news, but when the grass over your drain field is a little greener than usual, this is often the sign of a drainage problem. If left unchecked, you will eventually notice the sewage puddling in this area.

Taking care of septic tanks in Jefferson County is one of the many services offered by AA Quick Plumbing & Sewer Service. From inspections and installations to repairs and cleaning, our team is available to assist you.

Important Plumbing Tips Homeowners Should Know

Plumbers St Louis CountyBefore you call the plumber, there is vital information you should know. Here is some of the info you should have ready for your plumber:

  • Know How to Shut Off Water – Whether you are dealing with a small leak or flooding in your home, you should be able to turn the water off in your home. Take a look around your house and find this shut off valve as soon as possible. Furthermore, you should make sure that this valve is properly maintained.
  • Learn about Your Pipes – You can help a plumber by letting them know information about your pipes. If you have old clay or galvanized pipes, it is likely that you are going to have some problems. These pipes tend to corrode and rot. You can ask about this before purchasing a property or by asking a plumber to come out and inspect your pipes.
  • City Sewers and Septic Systems – It is essential that you know if you have a septic system or are on the city sewer. Plumbers will approach pipe repairs differently if you are on the city sewer, as there are numerous pipes that must be joined to the main sewer line.

Are you seeking plumbers in St. Louis County? AA Quick Plumbing & Sewer Service provides a wide array of services. Contact us today to learn more about the things we can do for you.