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Simple Ways to Prevent Hair Clogs

Drain Cleaning in Fenton, MOAre you frequently dealing with clogs in your shower that is created by hair in the pipe? Here is some excellent advice for you:

  • Invest in a Hair Catcher – There are many different hair catchers out on the market, including baskets, plugs, and dome screens. With these catchers, you should be able to prevent the hair from getting in your drain. Make sure you remember to clean them out regularly to avoid additional issues.
  • Brush Your Hair – Before you get into the shower, you should brush your hair. When you do this, you get rid of excess hair, preventing the loose strands from going down your drain. Everyone knows that it is much easier to sweep hair off the ground then clean it out of a pipe.
  • Do a Weekly Cleaning – If you have not invested in a hair catcher, you can clean your drain filter regularly to take care of the excess hair. With just a piece of wire that has a bent end, you will have no problem reaching down into the drain and getting the excess hair before it becomes a problem.

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